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Space Church play tomorrow’s Dad-Rock today!
They bestride the Surrey/Hants noise rock scene like a lonely middle aged behemoth trying to convince the millennial villagers to stop listening to shitty indie-landfill bands. Wire (as in the actual band) asked them to support last time they were in town so they must be pretty good right?
At the moment Space Church are recording their follow album to ‘Song’s to Punch Nerds Too’.  At that strange intersection of post-bop, proto-punk and performance art there is Space Church! NO REFUNDS.

About Space Church

Space Church are a rock band from the South of England, they play music that could variously be described as Post Rock / Noise Rock / 'Kind of Stoner Rock'/ and Tomorrow's Dadrock today.

They have been compared to a wide variety of bands from Godspeed to Pavement or Russian Circles to Killdozer. Sometimes they get compared to a band they have never heard off and have to listen to them to see if there is anything in it.

Space Church do not use iPads on stage so you can be sure they are not checking Facebook when they should be playing. Space Church will not be appear in any photo shoots all wearing the same outfit. If you 'follow' their Facebook page they promise not to shitpost all the time like other bands do. If join the the mailing list you only get an email when we have live dates or release new material.

Space Church is on Crocodilus Pontifex Records & Tapes which is a totally real label and not made up at all.

They have a Bandcamp page. You can pay for music or listen for free and think: 'yea.. fuck the man!' But remember Thom York dies a little inside when someone does that. The EP is only a £1 and a single only 50p.

Thinking of Booking Space Church for a show?

Space Church play louder and a harder than most bands but won't leave you microphones dented and smelling of cigarette breath. This picture was taking of Phil's wedding day so Space Church will never be this smart or slim again!

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Space Church are (from left to right)..

Phil: Guitar & Vox
Dan : Bass Guitar & Vox
Pat : Drums

Space Church Bio

Seeing a gap in the lucrative music entertainment industry for 3 guys that play noise rock, Phil, Pat & Dan came together as Space Church and resolved to create dynamic songs on oblique subjects by day and conduct paranormal investigations and eliminations by night.

Band LiveWith 'infectious bass hooks','rip your face off guitars' and 'acceptable drums' Their debut EP 'Space Church' (the one where Galactus is smoking the giant space bong) was released in September 2014 to rave review and they have gone on to play to international audiences that might happen to be on holiday in the Surrey/London area. this culminated with in 2015 at the Double Dot Dash Festival in Reading to extremely positive response.

2015 they released the 7" single Perspective/Landbridge on 'Fantastic Four' blue vinyl and cassette (you know.. for people who buy tapes!). It carved a mix of Gill Scott Heron style delivery over noise guitar and hypnotic post punk hooks and Studio 1 style dub drum echo for some reason.

2016 their debut album STPNT Flyer'Songs to Punch Nerds to' was released. It sets a challenge to meet the power and ferocity of their live shows. Described as a 'Force of Nature' they snap from hypnotic bass lines to flick-knife guitar stabs and knuckle-breaking drum fills and back again.
From blues stompers (Glue Factory) to weird Haiku (Opposite of Clever)it is an album that will challenge and reward. Also the mastering is not slammed to fuck and will actually sound good when you turn it up on a proper stereo system.

They have been playing live in support of the album and are beginning to write songs for the next album. Pat says that we cant call it 'Songs to Punch nerds Two' In October they support the seminal Wire in Guildford to very positive reviews.

They are working on the next album for 2018.


Wire Gig


Space Church FAQs

What is 'Dadrock'?
*Dadrock is music that dads really like and are constantly trying to get the current generation to appreciate. The Beatles are not dadrock because the kids like it without encouragement. Grateful Dead or Dinosaur Jr. are good examples dadrock. Regardless of genre anything your dad likes is 'dadrock' therefore Slayer, Ultramagnetic MCs, King Crimson are all dadrock.
The term might be used in a sentence like this. "Kanye West thinks he's a genius just because he samples a lot of dadrock"

Why the name 'Space Church'?
"As in a literal small village church floating in orbit over the earth much like the Death Star would float over the forest moon of Endor. It is not a reference any sci-fi cults that will fleece you for all your cash and leave you dead in a bath. We actually wrote a stoner rock song called Space Church and it was so funny at the time that we called the band Space Church. What can I say... don't drink at band meetings."

Do you play house parties?
"Yea, I mean maybe. We would consider anything that sounds fun and gets music in front nice people. Just get in contact with us and ask."

Your logo, it looks familiar?
"That's just a coincidence.. or FAIR USE for parody.. it depends. Whose asking?"

'Kind of Stoner Rock'?
Kind of.. yea. Sometimes bands take on those big themes and and longer songs and we admit to that. that delay pedal will kick in now and then. After one show a guy said 'It's fucked up! it's like punks with the thrash energy playing a complex prog rock song'.. that with a guy doing sort of fucked up Lou Reed vocals on it.

Songs to Punch Nerds To?
That's Pat the drummer with a classic 'Ringoism'. When the band were discussing songs he said 'we need a few more songs to punch nerds to', we laughed, it stuck.



Thanks for Listening