Space Church

SPACE CHURCH are a band from the South of England, they play music that could variously be described as Post / Noise / Stoner / Dadrock.

MAILING LIST- NO SPAM, only when we release or play live!

Contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Jodan, Mountain & Among the Leaves are songs from our demo EP. No double tracked vocals, no auto-tune, doppler effects or reverse cymbals going into the chorus where used. We recorded as full band in single takes directly to a digital wax cylinder using nothing but ethically sourced 1s and 0s.

You can get the CD from us when we play live. Dan (Bass Gtr) said that he is going to dub the demo on to cassette tapes.. you know becuse 'tape culture was sooo coool' or somthing. Cassette tapes !?! .. Jeezus!

Space Church are just in time for the 90's 'grunge' revival so all you hipster types dressed like T4 presenters in your skinny jeans and piano ties should jump on the band-wagon now!!!

We don't have any Apple laptops on stage, so you can be sure they are not checking Facebook when they should be playing. 'Like' Space Church if you want to know when we play and release things, they promise not to shitpost like 6-Music does.

We have a bandcamp page. You can pay for our songs or get them for free and you can think: 'yea.. fuck the man!' every time you listen to it. But remember Thom York dies a little inside when someone does that. The EP is only a quid.. so what the hell right?.

Space Church have a Tumbler blog.. you know if you want to see pictures of guitar pedals and practice sessions and other stuff that would just be spamming if I put it on Facebook.


The awesome Galactus illustration in the poster is used by kind permission of Marco D'alfonso check out his other stuff on deviantart. The meter high version looks great... but my wife won't let me hang it in the living room.. so we have them going spare for venues that host us.

Bookings & Contact

Space Church are looking for gigs and consider any opportunity to get good music in front of nice people.
Contact Phil regarding band bookings and general shoulder to cry on:


Space Church have deep seated values on honest music production that do not extend to photography, they will not look this good when they turn up at your venue.

Space Church Band Imafe

Space Church are (left ro right):
Phil Ramone: Gtr & Vox
Dan Ramone: Bs-Gtr & Vox
Pat Ramone: Drms